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The embellishment and cross are placed on the Holy Name of Jesus dome


On March 16, 2016, a copper cross and embellishment were lifted on the newly placed dome of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral.

Prior to the cross being placed, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge blessed it with holy water. He was accompanied by Monsignor David Brockman and Monsignor Gerald Lewis.

“As we bow before the cross, let us remember that in His own Blood, Christ removed all divisions and out of the many nations, created the one People of God,” said Bishop Burbidge in the blessing. “As we set this cross high upon this Cathedral dome, may we grasp its mystery more clearly and experience its power more deeply.”

Immediately following the blessing, two Clancy & Theys workers climbed in the crane crate with the cross and were lifted to the embellishment that was placed on the dome earlier in the day.

The 6 foot, 50 lb. hollow cross was placed on the 18 foot, 3,000 lb. embellishment in about 15 minutes.  From the top of the cross to the ground is approximately 170 feet.