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Catholic Schools Week


Twenty-nine Catholic schools and early childhood centers in the Diocese of Raleigh welcomed the start of Catholic Schools Week Jan. 29. The annual, national event is a time for schools to showcase what makes them special and unique.

Schools often celebrate with special Masses, open houses and other programs.

This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.” It highlights the fact that schools are communities themselves, but also belong to other communities such as families, parishes, towns, cities and the nation. 

A letter from the Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Raleigh:

Dear Friends of Catholic Education,

Beginning on January 29, 2017, our nation celebrates Catholic School Week. Beginning with Mass that day, schools throughout the Diocese of Raleigh will join Catholic schools throughout the country as we celebrate the great gift of Catholic education. This year’s theme centers on community: “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.” The theme highlights the fact that schools are not only communities themselves; they are also part of many other communities, including families, parishes, town/cities and our country.

The theme also focuses on key elements of Catholic education: faith development, academic excellence and dedication to service. These elements set Catholic schools apart from other educational options. They are why families make sacrifices to provide their children with a Catholic education.

I encourage you to visit one of our 29 Catholic schools and early childhood centers and learn about their faith development and community service projects. Please bring your friends and neighbors, particularly those who may be considering Catholic education for their children.

I am grateful for the teachers, staff, parents and volunteers who make our schools a success. Catholic Schools Week is a good time for all of us to thank them for their dedication and service.

Sincerely in Christ,

Michael J. Fedewa, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Diocese of Raleigh