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Cathedral Campaign Rebates Benefit Parishes


On October 22, 2013, the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge signed thank you letters to 67 parishes who are receiving their quarterly good faith rebates. The funds are designated to the specific items cited by each parish during their campaign.
Once a parish reached its 2012 BAA goal, which received the first of the donations to the combined campaign, every dollar of their local campaign goal was split 80 percent to the Cathedral Campus and 20 percent to the identified parish needs. The local campaign goals were set based on each parish’s offertory. After a parish participating in the good-faith effort eclipsed the campaign goal, all funds are split 50 percent to each. Parishes also had the option to conduct a “piggyback” campaign, where the identified local need was the main component of the campaign and all 100 percent of funds after the 2012 BAA and 80 percent of the diocesan campaign goal stayed at the parish.
As the multi-year pledges have been fulfilled, over one million dollars in rebates have been received by parishes participating in the “good-faith” model campaign. Larger parishes choosing the “piggyback” model receive all donations directly to the parish and over a four-year period send the 2012 BAA and Cathedral portions of their campaigns to the Diocese. Overall, parishes will receive over $18 million towards their identified parish needs.
Parishes are using the funds in a variety of ways:

  • 27 of the 96 parishes and mission churches plan to use their rebates for maintenance and upgrades on their churches and parish buildings.
  • 23 parishes will use most or all of their rebates to pay down their debt.
  • 15 parishes plan to use their share for future growth.
  • 9 parishes plan to build additional new facilities for their communities.
  • 18 parishes plan to enhance their pastoral programs or increase social outreach in their communities.

Saint Mary of the Angels Parish in Mount Olive has elected to donate all its funds back to the campaign as part of the continuing effort to surpass its campaign goal.
The St. Francis De Sales Parish in Lumberton used its funds to build a much needed parish hall that will be dedicated in December. It is the first major improvement at the parish in nearly 50 years.
St. Mark Parish in Wilmington designated 10 percent of its funds toward needy in the parish and 10 percent towards tuition assistance for their school.
Many other specific examples of parish designations for funds have been featured in the monthly NC Catholics magazine sent to all registered parishioners and available online.