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Bishop Burbidge visits Our Lady of Lourdes School


Bishop Michael F. Burbidge visited Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School today. The day began with a school Mass and Bishop Burbidge served as the principal celebrant. Father John Forbes, Pastor and Father Robert Schriber, Parochial Vicar concelebrated Mass.

Sister Therese Bauer, IHM, Principal and Dr. Michael Fedewa, Superintendent of Diocese of Raleigh schools, were also in attendance.

In Bishop Burbidge’s homily, he asked the students to reflect on three actions: Respect, Forgive and Respond.

Respect: “If we truly believe we are brothers and sisters in Christ, then we should talk to each other that way. Never say things that hurt other people or are mean spirited—only good things that people need to hear,” said Bishop Burbidge. “When we go home and are respectful of each other, there is peace in the family.”

Forgive: “If we believe that we are united, then nothing can divide us. None of us are perfect and sometimes we make mistakes, need forgiveness and to forgive,” said Bishop Burbidge. “God always forgives us and the only thing he asks is that we forgive one another.”

Respond: “In Mother Teresa’s teachings she said, every single day there is at least one person God wants you to notice and see. Maybe that person is having a tough time in life, who feels no one cares or feels picked on. God wants you to notice that person, to respond and make a difference.” He continued, “Mother Teresa said it may be as simple as smiling at the person or encouraging that person. So everyday be mindful that there are brothers and sisters in your midst that God needs you to respond to.”

After Mass, the students acknowledged Dr. Fedewa’s dedicated and steadfast work towards Catholic schools in the Diocese and presented him with a gift. They also thanked Bishop Burbidge with a goody bag filled with his favorite sport memorabilia.

For the rest of the day, Bishop Burbidge and Dr. Fedewa visited classrooms and had lunch with the faculty and staff.