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Bishop Burbidge Responds to the Terrorist Attacks in Paris


Last night and early this morning, we learned of the tragic and violent terrorist attacks that took place last evening in Paris, France. In solidarity with my brother Bishops in the United States and all Catholics in the Diocese of Raleigh, I express my deepest sorrow and prayerful condolences to the families of those who were killed, as well as a remembrance among our intentions for healing for those injured and those now traumatized by fear. To all serving as first responders, police and military personnel, we also extend our continued prayerful support.

I ask all of the parishes, missions and student communities in the Diocese of Raleigh to kindly include an intention among the Prayer of the Faithful at all Masses this weekend for those affected by this act of terrorism. Let us commend each of these to Our Lord, as well as those who are so consumed by the culture of death that they would consider such acts of brutal violence against the dignity of the human person. May Our Lady draw all people toward the gift of peace and assist those who courageously defend and preserve the freedom that it affords, now and always.