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Bishop Burbidge responds to the murder of Dallas police officers


In this great country, we turn to the courageous men and women serving in law enforcement to instill peace and uphold justice. That makes today’s news that 11 Dallas police officers have been shot, with 5 killed, particularly painful. I ask all Catholics in the Diocese of Raleigh, as well as our brothers and sisters from other faith traditions, to join in prayer for those who have been shot as well as for their family, friends, and fellow officers serving in the line of duty. While tensions may rise within communities for various reasons, violence must never be viewed as a solution. May Our Lord, Jesus Christ, bring peace over our nation and restore communities fractured by violence and hate.

Mass and Rosary

At 12:15pm on July 8, 2016, Mass was celebrated at Sacred Heart Cathedral, during which victims of the shooting in Dallas were remembered in prayer. Additionally, a Rosary was prayed following Mass for those impacted by the shooting as well as for peace in our country.