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Bishop Burbidge responds to the death of Mother Angelica


A statement from Bishop Michael F. Burbidge regarding the death of Mother Angelica:

With all in the Diocese of Raleigh and throughout the Church, I offer prayers for the happy repose of the soul of Mother Angelica. She was a tireless servant of the Lord who made it her life's mission to spread the Gospel and teach our holy Catholic Faith to all those she served through EWTN and beyond. Her vision had very humble beginnings but through trust in God, fervent prayer and the intercession of Mary, Mother Angelica established a worldwide media ministry that has revolutionized Catholic evangelization. Just last year, I had the honor of being interviewed at the EWTN television and radio studios and saw firsthand the fruits of her labor. People who have been associated with Mother Angelica throughout the years spoke of how she deeply impacted and inspired their faith, work and lives and how grateful they were for her daily example, especially in her own time of suffering. 
Mother Angelica has some connections to our great Diocese that many are likely not aware of. When she was early in her ministry and was only publishing simple pamphlets, Bishop Vincent Waters encouraged her to use TV as a way to reach beyond her current audience. When Pope John Paul II visited the U.S. in 1987, Mother Angelica was in Raleigh for 10 days as part of the team providing cable TV coverage of the Pope's visit.
In God’s providential plan, Mother Angelica died on Easter Sunday, the day we are celebrate Christ’s victory over death and renew our commitment to be His witnesses. May Our Risen Lord Jesus grant the fullness of life and peace to Mother Angelica and may we strive daily to imitate her example as we share our faith with others and proclaim the joy of the Gospel.