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Bishop Burbidge makes farewell visit to Gibbons


Bishop Burbidge celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints Mass at Cardinal Gibbons High School on Nov. 1.

During the homily, Bishop Burbidge recalled how he first visited the school in 2006, just two weeks after his installation Mass, and how his visits to Gibbons during the last 10 years were joyful events in his life.

Speaking to about 1,500 students and 130 educators in the school’s gymnasium, Bishop Burbidge suggested three practices to work on daily: to be poor in spirit (do not be betrayed into thinking that worldly possessions will satisfy), to be peacemakers (put aside all words and attitudes that divide people) and to be merciful (forgive and do not hold grudges.)

“Throughout our lives, God sends us on different paths according to His divine plan for us. You will never know where those paths will lead, but you can be assured that you will never travel alone, for the Lord promises to be with us always,” Bishop Burbidge said. “The other reality is that those paths, as our soon-to-be graduates and I are seeing now, will lead to new, exciting and different experiences. However, they are all designed to lead us to the same final destination: heaven and life with all the saints and our God forever and ever. Amen.”

After Mass, Michael Zimmerman, a 2009 graduate, and Emily Curtis, a senior, expressed how meaningful Bishop Burbidge’s presence on campus has been to the community and to them personally. The school community also shared a video, produced by students, which detailed their feelings about Bishop Burbidge’s leadership and ministry.

After Mass Bishop Burbidge gave a parting gift that surprised -- and delighted -- students and educators. He gave them an extra day off from school on the Monday after Thanksgiving.