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Bishop Burbidge calls for prayer in response to Fort Hood Shooting


More than 4 years since the Nov. 2009 shooting at Fort Hood in Texas by Major Nidal Hasan, which took the lives of 13 people and wounded 31 more, another tragic shooting has occurred at Fort Hood. In this latest attack, current reports indicate that 3 people have died plus the shooter, and 16 more are wounded. 

In response to yesterday’s tragedy in Fort Hood, Bishop Michael Burbidge asked all Catholics in the Diocese of Raleigh to prayer. This morning he tweeted, “We join together in prayer for the deceased and injured of the Fort Hood community as well as for all their families.” Bishop Burbidge since commented, “We must also pray for peace throughout our world, in our great nation, in our hearts, and for the grace to be instruments of the Lord’s peace in the communities in which we live and work.” 

Army officials have stated that the shooter “had behavioral health and mental health" issues. It is important that those suffering with any sort of behavior or mental health problem receive the psychological, medical, and spiritual help that they so desperately need. Victims of any such condition should also be kept in prayer at this time as well. 

Bishop Burbidge has requested that prayer intentions be included at Masses throughout Diocese of Raleigh this weekend for the victims of the latest Fort Hood shooting and for their families and friends.