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Bishop Burbidge Applauds NC Senate Passage of HB 695


The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge has applauded the North Carolina Senate’s approval of House Bill 695, which includes all pro-life legislation that was introduced in this year’s general assembly session. The bill was passed this morning by a 29-12 vote and will now be sent back to the House for concurrence.

The bill limits abortion coverage under health insurance plans offered under a health benefit exchange in North Carolina; it prohibits a person from performing an abortion when the sex of the unborn child is a significant factor in seeking the abortion; and the bill directs the department of Health and Human Services to amend rules pertaining to clinics, so there are suitable facilities and personnel for when an abortion is performed (the doctor must be physically present when administering an abortion drug).

House Bill 695 also amends the Woman's Right to Know Act, adding a provision that the State shall provide information on a website regarding fetal development and resources for poor prenatal diagnoses.

Bishop Burbidge stated, “I express my gratitude to the members of the Senate for their leadership in this important Pro-Life legislation, which provides not only the appropriate safeguards and resources to ensure the health of the mother, but most importantly extends the needed protection to the unborn child, who may be at risk simply because of gender.”  Bishop Burbidge continued, “I call upon the members of the House to support and pass this legislation, ensuring that the appropriate safeguards and protections are extended to all who live in our State.”

The North Carolina House is expected to take up the bill Monday evening or Tuesday. As with all aspects of our Catholic social teaching, Catholics are encouraged to participate in the legislative process, by exercising advocacy in favor of those measures which safeguard human dignity and assist the vulnerable and those most in need, from the moment of conception to natural death.