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Natural Family Planning

How to Learn About NFP

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Natural Family Planning Ministry Contacts

Raleigh Diocese NFP Coordinator:
Allison C. Dooley, BS, MPA, FCP
Email: nfp@raldioc.org
Phone: (910) 232-6066

NFP Methods Taught in the Diocese of Raleigh

Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System (Pope Paul VI Institute)

Web site: www.creightonmodel.com
Phone: (402) 390-6600
Email: education@popepaulvi.com

How to Learn the Creighton Model System (CrMS):

Learning the Creighton Model System begins with an introductory session (usually in a small group or individual format) which is an overview of how the system works and it's many benefits. This is followed by a series of essential, individualized follow-up teaching appointments (personal instruction on use of the system and chart review). At each private follow-up, the system is tailor-made to the specific needs of the user. These sessions are recommended five times during the first three months of use and an additional three times over the remainder of a year.

The CrMS is taught by FertilityCare™ Practitioners or FertilityCare™ Practitioner Interns who are trained in a 13-month Allied Health Education Program which is designed to help them meet the various needs of the individual throughout all stages of their reproductive life.


Debbie Baggett, BA, FCP, dbaggett@fertilitycarenc.org 919-556-6339 (Triangle Area)

Rowena Crist, BA, M.Ed, NFPPA, FCP, rcrist@fertilitycarenc.org 336-675-0355 (Triangle Area)

Allison Dooley, BS, MPA, FCP, adooley@fertilitycarenc.org 910-232-6066 (Triangle Area)

Sandy Driesslein, BS, FCP, skdriesslein@fertilitycarenc.org 919-616-3528 (Triangle Area)

Marissa Farrell, BA, FCPI, mfarrell@fertilitycarenc.org 919-601-9016 (Triangle Area)

Allison Lamporte,BA, FCP, alamporte@fertilitycarenc.org 910-279-6860 (SouthEast/Wilmington Area)

Amanda Mastropolo, BS, FCPI, amastropolo@fertilitycarenc.org 919-740-7979 (Triangle Area)

Teri Page, BS,FCPI, tpage@fertilitycarenc.org 919-791-8986 (Triangle Area)

Monica Phelps, BA,M.Ed,NBCT,FCPI, mphelps@fertilitycarenc.org 919-608-0597 (Triangle Area)

Suzanne Temple, BA, FCP, stemple@fertilitycarenc.org 919-435-0158 (Triangle Area)

Bonnie Wenig, BA, FCPI, bwenig@fertilitycarenc.org 336-862-5060 (Burlington/Triad Area)

Christine Wurm, BS, FCP, c.wurm@yahoo.com, 252-364-2141 (Greenville Area) 

Creighton Medical Consultant

Dr. Lewis Lipscomb - NFP Only
Triad Obstetrics & Gynecology
1900 Hawthorne Road, Suite 614
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Sympto-Thermal Method (Couple to Couple League)

Web site: www.ccli.org
Phone: (513) 471-2000
Email: ccli@ccli.org

How to Learn the Sympto-Thermal Method:

Our many years of experience have shown us that the best way to learn the Sympto-Thermal Method is by attending a class series. These classes are taught by professionally trained volunteers who have witnessed the benefits of using the method in their own lives.

A series consists of three classes spaced about one month apart. Supplemental classes for the postpartum and premenopausal transitions-special times which require further instruction-are also offered.

Certified STM Instructors:

Online/virtual classes and a home study course are also offered through CCL. Please follow link below if you are in an area where no local classes are offered.