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Natural Family Planning

How to Learn About NFP

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Natural Family Planning Ministry Contacts

Raleigh Diocese NFP Coordinator:
Allison C. Dooley, BS, MPA, FCP
Email: nfp@raldioc.org
Phone: (910) 232-6066

NFP Methods Taught in the Diocese of Raleigh

Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System (Pope Paul VI Institute)

Web site: www.creightonmodel.com
Phone: (402) 390-6600
Email: education@popepaulvi.com

How to Learn the Creighton Model System (CrMS):

Learning the Creighton Model System begins with an introductory session (usually in a small group or individual format) which is an overview of how the system works and it's many benefits. This is followed by a series of essential, individualized follow-up teaching appointments (personal instruction on use of the system and chart review). At each private follow-up, the system is tailor-made to the specific needs of the user. These sessions are recommended five times during the first three months of use and an additional three times over the remainder of a year.

The CrMS is taught by FertilityCare™ Practitioners or FertilityCare™ Practitioner Interns who are trained in a 13-month Allied Health Education Program which is designed to help them meet the various needs of the individual throughout all stages of their reproductive life.


Debbie Baggett, BA, FCP, dbaggett@fertilitycarenc.org 919-556-6339 (Triangle Area)

Rowena Crist, BA, M.Ed, NFPPA, FCP, rcrist@fertilitycarenc.org 336-675-0355 (Triangle Area)

Allison Dooley, BS, MPA, FCP, adooley@fertilitycarenc.org 910-232-6066 (Triangle Area)

Sandy Driesslein, BS, FCP, skdriesslein@fertilitycarenc.org 919-616-3528 (Triangle Area)

Marissa Farrell, BA, FCPI, mfarrell@fertilitycarenc.org 919-601-9016 (Triangle Area)

Allison Lamporte,BA, FCP, alamporte@fertilitycarenc.org 910-279-6860 (SouthEast/Wilmington Area)

Amanda Mastropolo, BS, FCPI, amastropolo@fertilitycarenc.org 919-740-7979 (Triangle Area)

Teri Page, BS,FCPI, tpage@fertilitycarenc.org 919-791-8986 (Triangle Area)

Monica Phelps, BA,M.Ed,NBCT,FCPI, mphelps@fertilitycarenc.org 919-608-0597 (Triangle Area)

Suzanne Temple, BA, FCP, stemple@fertilitycarenc.org 919-435-0158 (Triangle Area)

Bonnie Wenig, BA, FCPI, bwenig@fertilitycarenc.org 336-862-5060 (Burlington/Triad Area)

Christine Wurm, BS, FCP, c.wurm@yahoo.com, 252-364-2141 (Greenville Area) 

Creighton Medical Consultant

Dr. Lewis Lipscomb - NFP Only
Triad Obstetrics & Gynecology
1900 Hawthorne Road, Suite 614
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

SymptoPro™ (Northwest Family Services)

Website: www.symptopro.org
Phone: 503-546-6377

How to Learn the SymptoPro Method:
To learn the SymptoPro™ Method please contact the instructor listed below. SymptoPro™is a Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Education based on changes in a woman’s cervical mucus, waking or resting temperature, and cervix. We teach detailed, objective markers that are both easy to chart and come with highly effective guidelines. Our particular strengths lie in the highly personal support that each couple receives when they take instruction from us.

Kayla Peterson, kpetersonnfp@gmail.com 412-512-9725 (Triangle Area) 

Sympto-Thermal Method (Couple to Couple League)

Web site: www.ccli.org
Phone: (513) 471-2000
Email: ccli@ccli.org

How to Learn the Sympto-Thermal Method:

Our many years of experience have shown us that the best way to learn the Sympto-Thermal Method is by attending a class series. These classes are taught by professionally trained volunteers who have witnessed the benefits of using the method in their own lives.

A series consists of three classes spaced about one month apart. Supplemental classes for the postpartum and premenopausal transitions-special times which require further instruction-are also offered.

Certified STM Instructors:

Online/virtual classes and a home study course are also offered through CCL. Please follow link below if you are in an area where no local classes are offered.