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Bishop Burbidge offers prayer for peace


The following is a message from Bishop Michael F. Burbidge to the people of the Diocese of Raleigh: 

With great sadness, we continue to learn of the great turmoil throughout our world at this critical time. 

The conflict between Israel and Hamas, specifically, has cost hundreds of lives, most of which are civilians caught in the middle of the assault. 

In the Ukraine, thousands of individuals are displaced, and hundreds were killed in a senseless and cold attack when a passenger jet was shot down last week. 

In a conflict that has largely faded from headlines, millions of people have been displaced from several different countries throughout Africa. 

I respectfully ask all Catholics and people of good will to join me in prayer for those suffering from violence and war. May Our Lord grant them strength and comfort during times of great fear and anguish and guide all elected officials in carrying out their duty to promote harmony and peace in our world.