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Bishop Burbidge blesses Cathedral construction workers


On Thursday, September 10, 2015, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge held a “Blessing of the Workers” at the Nazareth Property, the site of the future Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral. The Nazareth Property is located at 715 Nazareth Street, Raleigh.

Construction workers from Clancy & Theys Construction Company bowed their heads as the Bishop prayed that “God will bring this construction to a successful completion and that His protection will keep those who work on it safe from injury.” After receiving the blessing, the workers were given a Saint Joseph keychain and prayer card (Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of Carpenters and Workers) as a reminder of Bishop Burbidge’s prayers as they complete the new spiritual home for Catholics throughout eastern North Carolina.

Grading work has been underway during the months since the groundbreaking ceremony in January 2015. Upon the completion of the architectural design on the project, and after a series of meetings with the City of Raleigh, a building permit was issued July 30, 2015, for the construction of the Cathedral.

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